Loving Yourself Is The Highest Attainment

5D Ascension requires quantum healing of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and even astral bodies. All knowledge, tools, techniques, methods, and courses presented to you here are expertly designed to facilitate your shift into the highest version of yourself!

I've become a completely changed woman, calm, happy, lighter and full of energy. Aurora is a goddess connected with earth sharing her knowledge and passion.

— Jane Blackburn, UK

I really enjoyed the course. Life changing, fun and so informative. I can't wait to put it all into practice. You are so knowledgeable with such a unique set of skills, one walks away from that course with full confidence in what they've been taught.

— Deirdre O'Gara, Ireland

The raw food course was really awesome , inspiring, mind opening, delicious & fun !! Thx Aurora!

— Juliane Davidshofer, Spain

Sympathetic and humorous!

"In addition to her great knowledge, she manages to turn the course into something very special with her mega sympathetic and humorous way. Thank you very much for that!"

— Désirée Jasmin Kiefaber, Germany

Amazing course!

"Thank you so much for the amazing course, Aurora! I loved your videos and little tips and tricks and positive energy was a very fun class and my persian parents loved the food they were so excited (which is so rare!!) keep up the great work thank you :)."

— Athena Meshkin, USA

...Really answered a lot of questions!

"Hi Aurora, I wanted to thank you personally for this course. It really answered a lot of questions and reassured me that the research I have been doing is on the right path."

— Devon Armogeda, USA

One month after finishing my 30-day cleanse including the anti parasites and candida combo kit coached and guided by Aurora, I’m quite ready to start all over again!! The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing I experienced during these 30 days frankly astonished me. So did watching my ‘true’ body emerge like the statue being revealed from the block of marble. I can really recommend this experience to anyone who wants to take their life to its next level.

— Helen Titchen Beeth, Belgium

Every single dish tastes excellent - it also all looks beautiful and inviting. You can feel how much love Aurora has invested into the recipes from which you can taste every single ingredient.

— Sabine Bends, Germany

As a child I had ongoing infections of the sinuses. On day three of my 30-day cleanse with Aurora I felt like my nose was clogged and to my big surprise when I cleaned it a lot of thick, dark and seemingly old encrusted matter came out. This happened again the same day. Later I went for a walk with my dogs and I don't remember breathing so deeply in my life before. I also noticed calmness and an amazing clarity of mind besides my body becoming much more flexible from the cleanse. I really liked this experience.

— Caroline Van Der Sluis, The Netherlands

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