RAWVOLUTIONIST, Ascension Recipes

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During the ascension process on earth, you must raise your frequency to match that of Mother Goddess Gaia.

You are what you eat. If you eat high vibrational food your body's vibration will inevitably change, right?

Unfortunately, the food that supports the ascension of humanity most is rather bland and boring. And if you want it to be a little special it quickly turns into a major project including fancy ingredients that you must gather from all over town, let alone the preparation process on which some people seriously work for days...? WTH?

Sorry, but if ascending means I must suffer in taste and work like crazy for a meal that I eat in just 15 minutes, then I'm not sure ascension is for me! ;)

But seriously, I've been there, tried that! I ate salads for one year, got way too thin, and would have done anything for some delicious food.

As an ascension teacher and holistic coach I knew about the importance of diet so, I had to learn all I could to make this diet fun and effortless (two of my favorite words  )

I am especially happy to make my NEW book available for you. Upgrade your health, beauty, and ascension vibes with Rawvolutionist!

Yes, you too can make beautiful food like this and it won't take longer than ten minutes!

Yes, you can eat the healthiest high vibrational food in the world and it tastes fantastic!

Yes, all you need is what you can get in your grocery store next door!

Yes, this is the most powerful food in the world that will connect you to Mother Earth in ways that are beyond your current imagination...

Do you want all that?

Yes, I know, it sounds amazing AND IT IS!!!

You can get the 👉  ENGLISH BOOK👈  OR 👉  the German Translation👈

Ascension is now, 5D is here, tune in!
xo, Aurora
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RAWVOLUTIONIST, Ascension Recipes

RAWVOLUTIONIST, Ascension Recipes