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Before your spiritual awakening, you probably made choices out of fear. You hoarded things and money out of fear of not having enough in the future. You didn’t want to let go of people out of fear of losing them and being hopeless without them. You clenched to the way of life you knew, because you were afraid of who you would become the moment you let go of control. Humans live in fear of their own Divinity because they think that they can’t control it.


Now, you are being called to make choices out of love instead of acting out of fear. This Mala necklace has found you to guide your way on this new journey. It combines the power of Rhodonite and Morganite. Rhodonite reconnects you with love for what you do. Morganite reminds you of all the love that exists within your soul. It is a Divine love, a love that is a direct reflection of the Source. You were created to love, your purpose is to love. Once you are realigned with this purpose, the Rumi quote in the anchor bead will become your reality – “What you seek is seeking you.” You can now let go of the fear that you won’t achieve what you want because you are not enough. With time, you’ll come to understand that you are, in fact, enough. You want what you want because your soul knows that it’s meant for you. By meditating with this mala, you’ll walk without fear. You'll have the certainty that you are walking in the direction of what is seeking you, which is also what your soul is seeking.


When you start to act out of love, you will start vibrating at a higher frequency. The Universe will match your vibration. You will cross paths with people and opportunities that match these frequencies. They will be people who make the courageous decision to love instead of fear. The opportunities that will come about will encourage you to act out of love.


When you meditate with this Mala, you will be brought into a connection with pure love. Pure love is not passionate love, it is devotional love. It comes from the awe we feel when we contemplate something beautiful. Nature and the Divinity is in awe of us too. Divinity is devoted to us, too. It sees the beauty in us and it loves us and worships us. By meditating with Rhodonite and Morganite, you will be brought closer to the frequency of this devotional love.


Aurora has channeled this crystal combination. Her mission in life is to help you ascend to the 5D. Rhodonite helps you translate the mandates of your heart into tangible action. Imagine what happens when it is combined with the powerhouse that is Morganite. Morganite helps you channel the energy of the Goddess in acts that come purely out of love. You will become more receptive to the love that’s around you. You’ll be able to see the beauty in others in the same way you see it in nature. This mala invites you to be in awe of everything and everyone around you. You’ll start to see beauty even in people that irritate you.


This Mala will help you embody the energy of the Goddess in that it’ll give you the courage you need to be Pure Love. We live in a world where the Masculine and Feminine Energies are out of balance. People over-exert their Masculine Energy because the 3D values it more. Feminine Energy, on the other hand, remains untapped and neglected. The Goddess Mala will give you the strength you need to go against the current. Make the bold choice of embodying the Divine Feminine, which is a reflection of the love that comes from the Source and is endlessly receptive.


The Rhodonite in this Mala necklace will help you heal your Inner Masculine. This is so because it will align your desire to act with an energy of love. The Morganite in the Mala will help you reconnect with your neglected Inner Feminine Energy and remind you of all the love that is stored in your soul. It doesn’t bring out anything that doesn’t already exist in you. It just lets you have a more fluid dialogue with parts of your soul that may be neglected or may be harder to access. This is part of what makes this combination simply brilliant and just what you need if you want to ascend to the 5D.


We use the best-quality gemstones available on the market. These gemstones are combined with the properties of sterling silver. Silver will bring out patience and perseverance while you wear it. It comes inside an elegant gift box so you can store it safely and a cloth so you can keep the sterling silver in tip-top shape.



We used only the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade AA and AAA gemstones in combination with 925 sterling silver elements in the Goddess Mala. Our Malas consist of 108 beads (8mm) that are strung on elastic stretch cords to be worn as Mala, double folded necklaces and even as a gorgeously stacked bracelet.

The Goddess Mala features a stunning and unique combination of Morganite, Rhodonite, and fine sterling silver elements, finished with a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi "What you seek is seeking you". The gemstone combinations and names were "given" to Aurora by the high council of Lyran elders to support those who are on the ascension journey to 5D.


The fine healing jewelry comes in an elegant gift box.


Hand-made with love in Germany




This gem is the “Stone of Love” as it makes the heart grow bigger and wiser, opening up your spirit to infinite possibilities. Rhodonite shifts depression, lack of confidence, anxiety, fear, and anger into calm, self-worth, happiness, wellbeing, and stability. It can help you to forgive, understand heart-related matters, and release blocks from the heart through its immense heart- and emotional wounds healing ability.
This beautiful gem and its specks of dark colors remind us that love goes through different phases of life while it protects you against envy or jealousy and guides you to regain equilibrium and balanced emotions through nurturing feelings of love. The stone of love balances the yin-yang energy and can even b
ring peace to troubled relationships. Rhodonite enhances psychic abilities and restores physical and emotional strength when it is depleted.

This is the crystal of "Divine Love" that attracts the abundance of love into your life, your soul mate, assists in maintaining that love as it continues to grow, or deepens the bond of a current relationship. Those who wear this gem experience emotional healing by transforming pain and trauma into wisdom and compassion. This stone is highly recommended for those who wish to release attachments to old relationships that have ended badly or needed resolution. It brings a sense of peace, lightness, and joy, and a constant and abiding sense of the presence of divine love permeating everything. Morganite increases the ability to accept loving words and actions from others and f
ills your aura with calming and relaxing energy.
This gem is supportive for girls entering puberty who do not have a mother, and for younger women struggling with eating disorders.


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