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"I AM God"

The Joy Of Being One With The Cosmos!

Dear Starseed,

There are many people who want to become Gurus, but they don't understand that the ending point is the beginning point!

The truth is, the Guru or the Buddha is already in you, and he/she is all-pervading.

You are not just your body; you are also everything that exists. That includes all the galaxies, all the stars and planets, and suns, all the atoms -- everything. When you can realize that, then you will be able to see yourself as one with the whole universe.

There was a time when I was working on myself day and night, trying to discover something about myself. I wanted to know what kind of person I was before I realized I was a god. Then one day, I realized that there was no "me" before this insight; there was no "me" at all!

The moment we identify ourselves with our body, mind, emotions, or thoughts, we have lost contact with God. We do not know what existence is anymore because we have lost touch with existence through identification with these things.

If we want to get back in contact with God, then we must try to follow these steps:

The first step is to understand that there is no separation between yourself and the universe. There is only one energy, which is God. When you become aware of this, you will see that everything that exists has a connection with this energy.


The second step is to realize that there are no boundaries between you and the world. The world is your mirror; it reflects your thoughts and feelings back to you. When you start feeling good, then others will feel good, too, because they are also connected to the same source of energy.

The third step is to understand that everything in existence has a spirit behind it. A tree has a spirit; a flower has a spirit; a fish has a spirit; an animal has a spirit; even plants have a spirit. Everything in existence has its own unique energy, be it positive or negative in your perception, but all these energies are part of one larger energy called God.

When you have completed all these three steps, you will realize that you are part of existence. There will be a gap in the universe without you: Everything in the universe, including the sun, moon, and stars, as well as trees, birds, and the earth, will experience a slight vacuum without you. No one else can fill this out besides you!

Knowing this fills you with great joy and a sense of fulfillment that you are connected to God and existence and that existence is watching out for you. You can see immense love coming to you from every conceivable angle.

When you experience this overwhelming joy and absolute bliss, energy begins to move in waves and spread throughout the entire universe. The universe as a whole, including the moons, stars, and suns, can be felt within this expanding energy!

That is what the Upanishad declaration, "Aham brahmasmi," means. "I AM god" is the meaning of the Sanskrit phrase "Aham brahmasmi." There is nothing beyond me; if I can realize myself, I will have realized the entirety of existence!

In the Kundalini tradition we say “Sat Nam” which translates to ‘I am truth’, “truth is my essence”,  or ‘I AM god’. The sound of this mantra activates the chakras.

However, it is not an ego declaration; it has nothing to do with the ego. In actuality, it is the complete opposite—a non-ego declaration. There is no longer an "I" emanating from your ego, and the energy is now so massive that it is impossible to perceive that you and the universe are separate. You have evolved into something cosmic and universal!

The ultimate goal is to help you realize that you are already pure consciousness, thus freeing you from all problems. In other words, that is what God consciousness teaches—that the self, our innermost being, is the absolute and the only entity in this universe, and it is not separate from anything or anyone.

Everything is connected. All is one.

God is the Creator of ALL there is, and you are the creator of your reality.

This sensation will be incredible. It will provide you with the ultimate power to shift your life into the manifestation of all your dreams, and thus, it will give you bliss that you have never known in your whole life!

Mantras can help you achieve this same realization.

Mantras are nothing more than affirmations. When you chant a mantra or an affirmation, you direct your regular thought process, and you extend your thoughts to reach closer to manifest your desires utlimately.

Your energy typically flows in countless different directions during your thought process; you are split. But, all of the energy starts to flow in one direction when you chant a mantra.

The entire energy is released to flow through only one channel—the mantra. All other routes have been closed. The energy waste has been completely eliminated.

The moment you start chanting a mantra, your mind becomes peaceful. The very act of chanting becomes meditation itself, and meditation is the highest form of spiritual practice.

The "I AM god" mantra is the single, most powerful tool for self-realization. It helps you to focus your attention on your true nature, which is infinite and eternal, as opposed to the temporary limitations of your body, mind, and personality.

The "I AM god" mantra will help you expand your consciousness. Focusing your attention on this single thought and feeling of divinity can help you overcome any negative thoughts or feelings, such as anger, frustration, or anxiety.

There is no higher affirmation. If you can use only one affirmation, this is the one!

The purpose of this mantra is to join you with the divine. It is not that you are making your mind one with God, but God is joining with your mind, and as soon as the source of all there is, ever was and ever will be joins with your mind, there begins to be a flow outward from the God source into you!

The power of mantras is also that they are easy to remember and can be said anytime, anywhere. You don't have to be in a particular place or have any special conditions for saying or doing it correctly. You only need yourself and the right words in front of you.

This "I AM god" mantra helps in clearing the mind so that there is no room for other negative thoughts or emotions that might disturb you. You will start feeling positive about yourself and others around you, and peace will fill up your life.

Once you are able to chant this "I AM god" mantra regularly, it will help strengthen the aura around your body and give a glow to your face and eyes. When you come close to other people, they will experience a sense of peace and bliss that cannot be described in words.

You will gain confidence and inner strength through these chants, which makes them very beneficial for anyone who wants to get rid of their problems.

There is also another simple way to reap all these rewards of the mantra, "I AM god." Sacred jewelry will work this magic. It is a silver pendant or ring with a pink ruby on it that reads, "I AM god."

This jewelry comes with the empowerment mantra "I AM god," which will give you strength and courage to overcome any obstacle in your life. It is made of pure silver and has been blessed by mantra chanting in holy smoke to shield you from all forms of evil energy and forces in the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

The pink ruby on this pendant will help you discover a strength you didn't know you possessed. Ruby is also known as "The Guiding Star" or the "Queen of Gemstones," who heals all matters of the heart.

The ring featured black onyx, into which I Am god is carved and adorned with a pink ruby.

This gently crafted jewelry, with its empowered "I AM god" mantra, is sure to give you the courage and confidence you need to let life's challenges roll off your back.

When you wear this, it will be a vibration that welcomes all positive energies into your life. And every time you wear it, the positive vibrations will follow you wherever you go, filling your life with joy.

A perfect piece for someone who wants to live their life with a more positive attitude and energy, this jewelry will be a constant reminder of your true nature—that of peace, clarity, and strength.

When you experience the true nature of your existence, you cannot help but feel joyful. The universe will reveal itself to you in all its splendor. You can experience the totality of existence within yourself and the energy that runs through your body. The entire universe will be felt as if this is what you truly are!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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I AM god -Pendants

I AM god -Pendants