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This Mala offers protection, energetic support, and third-eye strengthening for the Warriors of Light out there.

It balances out the inner Feminine and the inner Masculine so the wearer can take advantage of the best of both worlds and jump from one source of energy to the other depending on what the circumstances call for.

Both of the crystals that make up this Mala are not what they seem, and they reveal the full range of what they are capable of when they’re exposed to the light. This is akin to the nature of the Warrior of Light which often blends into the background until their strength is needed. 

One of the two crystals that make up this Mala is a grade AAA Rainbow Moonstone. This represents the yin polarity present in all of us. We’re under the 3D impression that life is linear, but once we start to ascend to 5D, we realize that life goes on a cyclical way – just like the Moon. 

Rainbow Moonstone helps us understand this fact not just with our minds but with our souls, too. The souls that choose this Mala understand that they need to prepare for change as an inevitable part of life.

Especially in your key roles as light warriors, you need to embrace your Inner Feminine in order to calmly and swiftly face all the unforeseen changes that the Universe sends your way. Rainbow Moonstone is all about transformation. It’s an invitation to go with the flow instead of resisting it.

Rainbow Moonstone has a calming influence and the power to take everything back into equilibrium. Because of the joy and brightness this breathtakingly beautiful semi-precious gemstone provides, it is said that owning this precious stone is like wearing a rainbow in your heart. 

This stone detects the present psychological condition of the wearer and balances all chakras allowing the free flow of energy while bringing equilibrium into body, mind, and soul. 

The Moonstone represents Heavenly Grace. It helps you find focus and clarity and promotes deep meditation.

If you're seeking a meaningful romantic relationship, it might assist you in finding a partner who is in resonance with your heart. It will also help you modify the dynamics of an established relationship while ensuring that you take care of your emotional well-being. 

Grade AAA Rainbow Labradorite is the other semi-precious crystal that makes up this Mala. It soothes people who tend to overwork and overthink and helps them make the most of their rest so they can emerge from it rejuvenated.

More importantly, it quickly removes any larvae and other spiritual parasites present in your aura. Low vibrational energies are known to try to sabotage a Warrior of Light and draws them to their extreme sensitivity. 

Labradorite keeps you in a high-vibrational state so your greatest strength, which is your empathy, doesn’t turn against you. Labradorite works as a soothing agent for the Inner Masculine, in contrast to Rainbow Moonstone that is meant to strengthen the Inner Feminine. 

The Rainbow Labradorite shimmers in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms. The Stone of Magic a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. This crystal guides you on your journey to self-discovery; it raises your consciousness to your inner spirit, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Interacting with this particular crystal can help you create a shielding force throughout your aura and strengthen your innate powers. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness while facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future.

Both of these crystals present a similar phenomenon – It is called Adularescence in the case of Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorescence in the case of Labradorite which seems like an interior illumination often referred to as fire. To the untrained eye (and the unawakened soul), these stones may look dull and boring, in white and grayish blue, until they come in contact with the light, which reveals magnificent hidden colors that the untrained eye wouldn’t have suspected were there. 

The Warriors of Light are the same, they look plain and dull to the unawakened soul, until a ray of light illuminates them and the full range of their strengths and thus, everyone stands in awe of their surprising shine. Warriors of Light are strategically placed in different locations throughout the planet. They are hidden in plain sight, protected by a camouflage so they don’t call the attention of anyone until crisis strikes, their light is needed, and their true colors are revealed. 

Wearing a Labradorite Mala allows your innate magical powers to surfaceIt promotes your psychic abilities and enhances your innate gifts of clairvoyance and telepathy. Labradorite guides you to understand how to manipulate energy by allowing you access to the Akashic records and opening the pathways to communicating with your guides. You may learn how to move between the worlds and navigate safely your return to the present.

Through the sterling silver details, these two crystals come together. The yin polarity comes together with the yang polarity in a perfectly orchestrated balance to provide strength, willpower, and the capacity to go with the flow of the ongoing transformation that the cycles of life bring about. Both of these crystals will help the Warrior Of Light enhance their intuition and their capacity to channel Divine guidance, so they can have a sort of inner compass to aid them through the difficulties in their journey. 

This Mala is ideal for people who are looking to increase their psychic abilities, especially if doing so is aligned with their soul’s mission. Labradorite is often used to enhance past life memories. Rainbow Moonstone, on the other hand, helps the wearer understand the difference between what they think and what they are channeling, between logic or inference and intuition. It can be used during sleep to have prophetic dreams that are rich in meaning. 

If you want to rid yourself of your own negativity, Labradorite can be used to identify it and purge it.

Rainbow Moonstone will help you be patient and kind to yourself during this process. For those of you who need some extra help during your ascension process, this Mala can provide just that. It will help you recognize your inner worth and your inner strength, as well as some strong protection, especially from the parasites that want to get attached to your aura, strengthening your ability to empathize with others. 

In short, this Mala was channeled and extraordinarily beautifully designed to help you be protected, enhance your psychic powers, and keep you protected from low-vibrational energies that are attracted to your compassion and your empathy. It will also guide you to balance your divine inner twin flame of feminine and masculine aspects. 

We used only the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade AAA gemstones in combination with sterling & fine silver elements in our Warrior of Light Mala. 108 beads (8mm) are beaded on elastic stretch cord to be worn as a Mala, double folded necklace, or as a gorgeously stacked bracelet.

The Warrior of Light Mala features a breathtaking and unique combination of the finest grade AAA Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite,  and fine sterling silver elements, finished with a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi "What you seek is seeking you". The gemstone combinations and names were "given" to Aurora by the high council of Lyran elders to support those who are on the ascension journey to 5D.

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of transformation and prepares the soul and the body for the ascension process by activating and aligning all chakras to allow the free flow of energy. This stone has powerful and intense feminine/goddess energy that enables a direct relation to confidence, love, focus, and assertiveness which ultimately push you to take a path in life in alignment with your truest desires and soul purpose.
On a physical level, it supports female hormone health and aids in healing PMS, supports fertility or childbirth, and improves mental clarity. On a spiritual level, it stimulates psychic gifts that allow access to Universal wisdom and insights into past lives that are helpful for the present life purpose and healing of earth. As a mystical bringer of light, it facilitates spiritual growth and development and as a stone of spiritual wisdom, it initiates you into the mysteries. Moonstone promotes interaction of the physical and spiritual world while protecting. you from psychic attacks and negative energies through creating an auric shield.
It brings emotional attunement and attracts love and romance. It was revered as a token of undying love by the ancients as well as a symbol of eroticism, fertility, and birth.

This stone of magic is utilized by shamans, diviners, healers, and all who seek knowledge and guidance through enhanced intuition and psychic abilities as it awakens you to your true potential and helps you to harnesses the true potential of your own transformative power. Labradorite stands for spiritual and physical protection that promotes your transition to the person that you are destined to be by giving you access to higher realms of wisdom and subconscious parts of your self. This gem supports the ascension from 3D to 5D by activating the crown chakra.

The jewelry comes in an elegant gift box.

Hand-made with love in Germany

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