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We use only the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade A, AA, and AAA gemstones in combination with fine sterling silver elements. Our stretch Malas consist of 108 beads (8mm) and can be worn as necklaces or bracelets.

The Warrior of Light Mala features a breathtaking and unique combination of the finest grade AAA Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite, and fine sterling silver elements, finished with a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi "What you seek is seeking you". The gemstone combinations and names were "given" to Aurora by the high council of Lyran elders to support those who are on the ascension journey to 5D.

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of transformation and prepares the soul and the body for the ascension process by activating and aligning all chakras to allow the free flow of energy. This stone has powerful and intense feminine/goddess energy that enables a direct relation to confidence, love, focus, and assertiveness which ultimately push you to take a path in life in alignment with your truest desires and soul purpose.
On a physical level, it supports female hormone health and aids in healing PMS, supports fertility or childbirth, and improves mental clarity. On a spiritual level, it stimulates psychic gifts that allow access to Universal wisdom and insights into past lives that are helpful for the present life purpose and healing of earth. As a mystical bringer of light, it facilitates spiritual growth and development and as a stone of spiritual wisdom, it initiates you into the mysteries. Moonstone promotes interaction of the physical and spiritual world while protecting. you from psychic attacks and negative energies through creating an auric shield.
It brings emotional attunement and attracts love and romance. It was revered as a token of undying love by the ancients as well as a symbol of eroticism, fertility, and birth.

This stone of magic is utilized by shamans, diviners, healers, and all who seek knowledge and guidance through enhanced intuition and psychic abilities as it awakens you to your true potential and helps you to harnesses the true potential of your own transformative power. Labradorite stands for spiritual and physical protection that promotes your transition to the person that you are destined to be by giving you access to higher realms of wisdom and subconscious parts of your self. This gem supports the ascension from 3D to 5D by activating the crown chakra.

The Mala necklace comes in a velvet pouch with a silver polishing cloth

Hand-made with love in Germany

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