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The Tiger, as king of the jungle, observes it all. Its sense of hearing is superb, and nothing escapes his clinical eye. It is the silent and cunning ruler. Nothing hides behind the veil in her Kingdom.

For a reason, the Tiger is a spiritual symbol all around the world, from the Eastern Cultures to the native Americans. The Tiger isn't only strong, courageous, and ambitious but also strategic and subtle. This majestic feline can see everything from an elevated point of view. As such, the strength imparted by the Tiger comes from his unbiased eye.

  • But are you feeling right now as strong and courageous as a tiger?
  • Do you want to see beyond the veil and be the master of what is rightfully yours?
  • Are you going through a dark time that demands a lot of strength from you?
  • Are you prepared to put in your best effort physically, emotionally, and spiritually but feel like you need an extra boost?

You may be at a point in your life where you need to be strong for the sake of others and are ready to fight from a place of love. And for this, you are told that you are "living out of reality." Please do not listen to them. We help the most when we can see beyond the veil.

When you can see beyond the veil, you start to understand the importance of working for a major purpose from the shadows.

But how to do it? Where do we find the strength when the difficult moment to step into action comes? How do we reclaim our hidden strengths and step ahead of the curtain?

This is a powerful combination of gemstones from the Lyran High Council, which carries powerful feline energy in it.

This Mala has been conceived only for those ready for profound, highly transformational change. And are willing to step into the shoes of their best and most powerful version of themselves, becoming as subtle and courageous as the Tiger itself.

The Eye of the Tiger Mala will allow you to view everything unbiased, including your most painful emotions. This Mala is also among the most protective ones in our catalog - every warrior needs a sword but also a shield.

The Obsidian and Hematite beads present in it will keep all negativity away from your auric field and those of the people you're trying to shield.

If you have a sneaking suspicion there's unresolved ancestral healing, especially on your mother's side of your lineage (blood, adoptive, and stepmothers apply), this is the perfect protective tool for you.

Because of the presence of Tiger's Eye, you will be able to reclaim the strength of your ancestors with a Lunar polarity and reconnect with the women in your heritage that are Solar and Martian. These are the rare matriarchs. The ones who protested for your or your sister's right to vote, own property, and study in university.

There is no greater source of strength than Solar or Martian female ancestors. These were women who were ready and willing to defy all odds. They weren't prepared to settle for any less than they deserved. By wearing this Mala for extended periods, you will be able to embody its immense strength while remaining authentic to who you are.

This Mala gives you ancestral strength as a gift without burdens attached. However, it also gives you the force available from your Lunar and Venusian ancestors. This can temper the uncompromising fighting spirit of your Solar female ancestors.

It will provide you with receptivity, the capacity to listen and consider other points of view attentively, and the ability to nurture others' needs while always seeing the truth beyond.

The prayer beads that make up this Mala will give you tons of mental clarity, stamina, and the capacity to assimilate emotions and concepts. They will help you balance your Inner Masculine and your Inner Feminine.

The only remaining question is, are you ready to embody the animal spirit of the Tiger? Are you prepared to be the king or queen of the jungle?

Tiger's eye works on the major Chakra called the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is the seat of your personal power, confidence, and your warrior spirit. Most importantly, though, these beads will also take care of a minor and often overlooked chakra that is essential to spiritual healing of any kind, your naval Chakra. 

The one that connects you to the person that gave birth to you, whoever they are and whatever your relationship is with them—no need to worry if you've cut contact with them because they are toxic. Tiger's eye always works on the soul level. It respects whatever love is, was, or will be there and slowly removes all the rest.

If you have parasitic energies, the Tiger's Eye beads will identify this rapidly and cut all access they may have to your vital energy, whether they are still alive or not.

You will gain access to the vital strength and the loving energy of the Mother Archetype through your birth mother. Even if you're not her biggest fan, she is still the doorway to many strong women and other ancestral figures that may wish to help you at this stage of your life. Accepting her energy precisely as is, without judgment, you become a channel for half of your lineage. Tiger's eye will also help you shed any part of your Inner Child that still wants to please your mother.

It will give you a tigers's strength, fighting spirit, and objectivity. Because of its work on the Solar Plexus chakra, the center of assimilation will help you process all the shadow work in your guts. It will gently take your hand and guide you toward accepting your circumstances and the circumstances of the community around you.

The Hematite and Obsidian beads on this Mala will help inspire you to be the most authentic expression of your Highest Self.

Hematite has a deceptive appearance. Bright silver on the outside has been used as a scrying mirror for centuries. It represents the clear-headed quality needed by warriors directly on the battlefield, fighting for their families or principles. However, scratch it with a Clear Quartz point, and you will reveal its hidden strength. It is an orangey-red hue on the inside. Chemically, it is made up of significant iron content, and it is often Hematite inclusions that give other crystals their shade.

As such, Hematite represents the life force available in your blood. It will purge and cleanse your blood. After interacting with Hematite, your blood will be filled with light and fortitude. Hematite opens the Earth Star Chakra for you if it's blocked. This Chakra is located a few inches below your feet. It connects you to everything and everyone that has ever lived on this Earth, including your ancestors.

Because of its duality in appearance, it encourages you to be your most authentic self but to be even-tempered when fighting the necessary fight of empathy and compassion. It will aid in your shadow work by revealing the hidden strengths in what you think are weaknesses. It also pushes you into action based on your strengths and qualities.

But The Black Obsidian beads, a truth seeker stone, carry most of the load regarding shadow work. A warrior that isn't aware of her or his shadow is blind to attacks from within – the worst kind of attack. You must be ready to accept and embrace the parts of you that make you feel guilt and shame to be genuinely shielded to fight in the name of Divine Love.

Obsidian is a natural glass formed by the quick cooling of lava rich in silica. Rather than having a crystalline structure as Quartz does, it is a "formless form." Because of its volcanic origin, it is very fiery in nature. However, its chemical nature is firm and versatile – ideal for holding onto your pain and trauma as you sift through it.

Black Obsidian gives you the gift of looking at your wounds and hurts from an unbiased perspective. It will also guide you to hold space for pain. This can apply to you and others who may be your way. Over time, it will help you eliminate mental and emotional patterns that keep you stuck.

It will guide you, to be honest with yourself about the worst of you. Over time, it will help you to cast away the parts of yourself you used to classify as flaws, especially when combined with Hematite.

The ascension process can be "ugly" and look messy from the outside. Black Obsidian is not for the faint of heart or for people who have spent too long hiding from their own shadows. But this unique combination of all three stones will surely help you in the challenging moments and smoothen the way to the strong expression of your most authentic self.

Also, Black Obsidian, when combined with Tiger's Eye, will bring back repressed traumatic events the women in your family have lived, not only to your conscious but to that of your whole family.

When you choose this Mala for spiritual work, you're not only uplifting yourself. You're uplifting the clan, inspiring your whole community, and empowering its most marginalized members!

If you're willing to accept this invitation for intense spiritual work, you will be rewarded in spades and give an invaluable gift to those around you. This gift will even be received by people you have yet to meet 

Additionally, an extra weapon for a warrior of light is included in this pendant: The Black Obsidian Point Pendant.

The Black Obsidian point is the perfect tool to cut through illusion. If you have a lot of Pisces in your birth chart or a strong Neptune, you know the tricks of mirages of fantasy too well. Even if you don't, you know that idealizing people can leave you and others vulnerable. Black Obsidian Point breaks through all the masks the people around you are wearing and reveals them precisely as they are. It leaves their souls bare for everyone to see.

With this pendant and the other combinations in the Mala, you will no longer fall victim to gaslighting or other forms of covert abuse. And this includes the tricks your ego and mind like to play on you.

This pendant demands the truth and nothing but the truth. It's authenticity or nothing!

Wear it in the workplace or in places where you volunteer if there are a lot of questionable souls trying to pray for the vulnerable by playing the friendly, understanding savior. The sheer presence of the Mala will cut through their masks quickly for everyone to see.

As you can see, this Mala is all about revealing hidden gems inside yourself that have been waiting in the dark for you to walk into the light. It's a challenging process, but the rewards are immense.

This Mala is more than a gift for your heart, even more than an investment for your spiritual journey and 5D ascension. It is a symbol! A symbol of power, courage, and clarity. Let the Tiger In sterling silver remind you of your true hidden strengths every time you look at it!

It is carved in Sterling silver, a Lunar metal that is receptive to the energies of all the crystal beads that make up this Mala. It unites this jewelry piece harmoniously. This metal administers the energies of the crystals and symbolism in it in small doses so as not to shock the system.

The Mala is only complete with this charm representing the spirit of the Tiger. This Tiger encompasses the Bengal Tiger, the Jaguar, the Puma, the Panther, the Cougar, the Mountain Lion, or any other solid and significant feline figure. Whatever animal spirit of this sort feels the most drawn to you will guard your aura the moment you start using the Mala.

In short, the work of the Eye of the Tiger Mala is intense, but you'll surely know by now that any help or tool that appears your way is for a reason. The crystals and symbols of this Mala will work on your soul for you. 

Healing stones are great tools to assist the process of your ascension.

This is an investment not only in the well-being of your soul during trials and tribulations but also in the well-being of others around you.

You haven't seen Tiger Eye gems of this mesmerizing and pristine quality before.

We used only the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade AAA gemstones in combination with 925 & 999 sterling and fine silver elements in our Eye of The Tiger Mala. 108 beads (8mm) are beaded on elastic stretch cord to be worn as a Mala, double folded necklace, or as a gorgeously stacked bracelet.

  • Do You Want To Protect Yourself From Evil Eyes?
  • Are You Suffering From Being Your True Self In Your Personal Life Or Work Life?
  • Do You Worry About Your Health And Fitness?
  • Do You Feel Uncertain About Your Future Or Concerned About A Situation?
  • Is It The Case That You Are Just "Stuck" In A Rut And Can't Find A Clear Way Out?
  • Do You Want To Have Excellent Mental Health?
  • Do You Want To Protect Yourself From Negative Energies?
  • Do You Wish To Dispel Fear And Anxiety And Gain The Courage To Face Any Situation?
  • Do You Want To Have More Money, Success, And Prosperity?
  • Do You Want To Quickly Accomplish Your Goals?
Then this mala is the perfect tool for you to help you achieve all these and even more!

The Goddess Mala features a stunning and unique combination of Morganite, Rhodonite, and fine sterling silver elements, finished with a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi "What you seek is seeking you". The gemstone combinations and names were "given" to Aurora by the high council of Lyran elders to support those who are on the ascension journey to 5D.


The fine healing jewelry comes in an elegant gift box.


Hand-made with love in Germany

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Eye Of The Tiger Mala

Eye Of The Tiger Mala