I AM god, Ascension Guide Ebook

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How Do You Open Your Heart?

How Do You Forgive, Heal Trauma & Pain WITHOUT Wasting Decades Of Time & Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Healers?

How Do You Calm The Mind & Overcome The Greatest Human Enemy, Your Ego WITHOUT Meditating Two Hrs Every Day?

We are about to witness the greatest event in the history of humanity.

All darkness comes to light and a new world is born. A great evolution in human consciousness is occurring that will shift this realm from a 3rd-dimensional reality into a 5D heaven on earth. Learn about the great ascension of Gaia and what this means to all sentient life upon her in an accessible, simple, and comprehensive way. This is the age that has been whispered about. The time that humanity steps into their inherent God powers is upon us now and the inevitable ascension of Earth is imminent. It is up to us to enable ourselves to match this new steadily rising frequency to ascend with Mother Gaia into the fifth-dimensional reality -heaven on Earth. Awaken your inherent God-creator-power with ten practical steps and manifest a life beyond your wildest imagination. Abundance is your birthright. The bottom line is this, if you can dream it you can live it!

Whatever it is you may desire, be it abundance, health, healing trauma, finding love, peace, joy, or freedom, the tools presented to you in this ascension guide can help you attain these.

‘I AM god' Ascension Guide by Aurora Ray


Chapter 1.
 The Ascension of Gaia
Chapter 2. I AM God
Chapter 3. Sophia, The Wisdom Goddess
Chapter 4. The Return of the Ultimate Goddess
Chapter 5. The Chakras & The Kundalini
Chapter 6. Meditation and the 3rd Eye
Chapter 7. Methods to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
Chapter 8. DNA / Light Body / Merkaba
Chapter 9. The 1st Step to Ascension: The Godly Diet to Prepare the Temple Of God
Chapter 10. The 2nd Step to Ascension: Transmute all Lower Vibrations
Chapter 11. The 3rd Step to Ascension: Find Yourself
Chapter 12. The 4th Step to Ascension: Free Yourself
Chapter 13. The 5th Step to Ascension: Love Yourself Unconditionally
Chapter 14. The 6th Step to Ascension: Surrender to Love
Chapter 15. The 7th Step to Ascension: Receive Your Angelic Soul Name
Chapter 16. The 8th Step to Ascension: Embody Your Higher Angelic Self
Chapter 17. The 9th Step to Ascension: The Illuminated Twin Flame Reunion
Chapter 18. The 10th Step to Ascension: Sacred Sexuality


  • Are You Newly Awakened And Want To Learn The Meaning Of Ascension?
  • Are You Curious To Know How Our World Was Created?
  • ​Do You Desire The Knowledge How To Rise Above Day-To-Day Drama?
  • ​Do You Want The Keys To Healing, Forgiving AND Finally Opening Your Heart?
  • ​Are Powerful Healing Techniques That Are Effortless What You Are Searching For?
  • ​Do You Wish To Embody A Higher Version Of Your Self?
  • ​Do You Desire To Find Your Twin Flame?
  • ​Would You Like To Get Practical Tools And Steps You Can Do On Your Own Easily?
  • ​Wouldn't It Be Great If  You Could Ascend  Effortlessly From 3D to 5D In 10 Simple Steps?
  • ​Do You Wish To Know The Truth About Finally Manifesting All Your Desires?

Then this book is the perfect tool for you to achieve all these and even more!


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I AM god, Ascension Guide Ebook

I AM god, Ascension Guide Ebook