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Are you an Atlantean Starseed?


Do you feel a sense of loss regarding your home?

Perhaps you had and/or have a happy home life, but you never feel like you totally belong wherever you are. Sure, you belong with the people you love, but no home, no matter how simple or luxurious, feels quite like home.


Even if you never felt like you belong there, every time you have to move, even if it is within the same neighborhood, you feel the move as a deeply traumatic event. The thought of never seeing the same walls, windows, and staircases where you used to live fills you with a sense of profound dread. You imagine new people moving into where you once lived, and you just hate the thought of these innocent strangers walking on your floors and opening your windows (that never felt like yours in the first place), and you just hate that.


Whenever you hear news about a catastrophe, large or small, a fire in your hometown, or a tsunami far away, it traumatizes you as if you had been there.


You think not only about the human tragedy that cuts you open like a dagger. You think about the loss of pets, neighborhoods, and homes lovingly put together over the years. You think of mementos and photos ruined by water or taken away by the fire. It destroys you. It paralyzes you.


What if I told you that you are not being overly sensitive? This isn't just a case of being an empath, you know. Your soul remembers what your mind doesn't, and just hearing all of these things is deeply triggering. 


You, my friend, once lived in Atlantis, a highly evolved civilization torn down by disaster and catastrophe.


You never feel at home because you lost your home, and you carry this wound with you into this life on Earth. You probably shed a tear or two after this revelation if you didn't know this already. It's your soul nodding in acknowledgment.


Many Atlantean souls are incarnating right now on Earth to heal the trauma they lived through (or even the disaster that claimed their lives) right here. 


The temples and healing chambers of Atlantis were made out of crystals. The highly advanced Atlanteans knew well about the magical powers of crystals and how to utilize them for everything from technology to healing and even upgrading a person.


I have channeled the following crystals and symbols from my higher self and when I researched the crystals and their powers and how they specifically work together, I realized this was the most powerful mala I had ever put together. I cannot even describe the power I feel from this piece when I hold it in my hands.


Larimar is known as the Atlantis Stone, or the Blue Gem of Atlantis because Edgar Cayce foretold of a blue gemstone with incredible healing properties and that it would be discovered in the Caribbean Sea. He claimed that this stone had incredible healing qualities and that its origin was Atlantis, where it was an important tool in the Atlanteans' healing work. 


Larimar is not only an actual piece of Atlantis, but it is the most powerful healing stone we have on the planet. Sensitive people can feel and see the information about Atlantis carried by Larimar.


Larimar is used by crystal healers worldwide to heal old wounds. The term old wounds are used loosely here. It could refer to Inner Child, ancestral, and past life wounds. In this case, you need it to heal the past life wounds your soul ended up with within your incarnation in Atlantis.


However, if needed, Larimar will address the ancestral or the Inner Child first. Trust that the stone is smart enough to get to know you before it jumps into action. It is calm and soothing, after all, especially when it comes to pain. Not unlike your beloved sea.


Aquamarine carries the energy of the oceans, dolphins and mermaids. It's frequency is attuned the advanced Atlanteans' values of truth, compassion, and integrity.


While Aquamarine brings repressed emotions to the surface, Larimar provides a much-needed service. It nurtures the heart like the Mother Goddess, ruler of the seas, would. It soothes the voice of the Inner Child that demands love and a hug. This is necessary for the process of remembering.


Former Atlanteans often suffer from the Injustice Wound. They feel that life is very unfair to them. Unfairness cuts them to the core and affects them like nothing else. It can go on to the extreme that the sufferer becomes an extremely angry person who retaliates against everyone and everything. This is so because they believe everyone is out to get them. So they end up perpetrating injustice themselves, but they tend to be blind to this behavior if they've reached this point.


There's nothing more unfair than seeing civilization as you know it collapse before your very eyes. There's nothing more unfair than losing your home and your loved ones to a natural disaster. Your soul remembers.


Many Atleantean starseeds are here on this Earth to be finally relieved of their trauma and to heal the karma of Atlantis.


However, most likely, something happened in this life, too, to make you carry the Injustice Wound. The Injustice Wound is generally the result of an unfair treatment by an authority figure. Among its various benefits, Larimar can also foster forgiveness specifically towards guardians and other authority figures. 


Aquamarine helps you remember repressed emotions that may be acting as an obstacle on your healing journey. It can make liquid even the most stubborn of energy blockages, and then brings them back to the surface. When combined with Larimar, it will most likely guide you first towards healing the Inner Child, and then towards past life healing.


Aquamarine has a strong connection to the sea and water. It was the preferred talisman of sailors and pirates in various cultures. They believed that carrying the stone with them would carry them to the right shore.


Spiritually, Aquamarine does the same. It acts as a spiritual compass while you spend time retrieving the spiritual compass you lost in childhood. It gently but quickly puts you in touch with spiritual guidance and translates said guidance in a way your ego and rational mind can understand.

The connection between Aquamarine and the sea is of utmost importance in this jewelry. When Atlantis and Lemuria were drowning, the high priests and priestesses were singing and chanting prayers continuously to reduce the trauma induced on the souls experiencing the most tragic destruction of the most evolved civilizations of our history.

They had seen the flood coming and washing away their civilization long before it actually happened, so they had begun programming these particular stones to assist them during the catastrophe in a way that would establish a frequency high enough to reduce trauma on the souls.

These stones also carry the Atlantean and Lemurian light-codes for future generations to access their frequency for healing and bringing these codes back to humanity.


Aquamarine is often called the stone of bravery, but it actually promotes a specific sort of bravery. It's the bravery needed to be your most authentic self. The bravery needed to find your own way and start to take the first steps away from the sea of pain you're in. To heal the wounds of having incarnated in Atlantis, you need both bravery and authenticity. Where Larimar is there to soothe, Aquamarine is there to guide the way and unearth what you need to remember. 


The Clear Quartz prayer beads in the Atlantean Mala will first pay a lot of attention to who you are as a person and as a soul. Then, it will start to hold onto the memories your soul carries and remember them for you until they are ready to be brought to the surface by Aquamarine.


Clear Quartz will also call upon angelic, high-vibrational energy to keep the energy flowing harmoniously throughout the entire Mala. This is important, as the Larimar and Aquamarine are both doing some heavy-duty spiritual work. This crystal acts as a unifier and amplifier, bringing the points, beads, and charms together alongside sterling silver. 


The Lemurian high priests and priestesses knew about the fate of Atlantis and their own and prepared before the flood came. They encoded quartz crystals with their divine light codes in a way that they would only surface on earth when the time was right, and there was a light frequency needed to be established stable enough for the crystals to do their work.

The Lemurian Quartz crystal features lines like a bar code. It's the information of light that they were programmed with by the Lemurian high priests and priestesses.


The Lemurian Quartz Point pendant in my Atlantean Mala holds onto the ancient memory of this lost civilization your soul is from. It guides the way by illuminating what you need to remember and process during every step of the way. As it is one of the most elevated varieties of Quartz, it is incredibly smart. It will get attuned to your energy pretty quickly and only show you what you are prepared to handle at the present moment.


Sterling silver is the other unifying principle in the Mala, the Yin to the Clear Quartz beads' Yang. It is very receptive to the overall energy of the Mala and keeps all the energies flowing harmoniously. In turn, certain symbols in Sterling symbols have been added to this Mala:


Om is a sacred symbol in many Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the highest frequency sound as it represents the energy that is carried by the resonance of the Creator Goddess Sophia. It helps to harmonize the energy of your Higher Self to that of your tangible reality, something a soul as traumatized as that of a former Atlantean desperately needs. 


The Star is a symbol of hope. It is also looked upon to find one's way like the North Star. In this case I was guided to find a Starfish. This gives a boost to Aquamarine's capacity to guide your soul to the correct shore and offers a sense of hope, even when all may seem lost.


The Pleiadians teach us that information is stored in stone and bone. Stones are the bones of Earth.


This is the most powerful crystal combination, as these particular stones resonate strongly with the harmonious, heart-centered energies of Atlantis that vibrate at the highest frequencies of Love and Light. 


In addition to the Lemurian stone, which carries the codes needed to heal the trauma of witnessing the loss of Atlantis and Lemuria that we hold in our souls.


My NEW Atlantean Mala is finally here after it took a year to source the stones and finalize the piece. Larimar is extremely hard to find and there were exactly zero Lemurian pendants anywhere in the world in the size I needed. Sourcing, producing elements, and designing this piece was a real challenge.

While designing the piece one bead at a time, I spontaneously started singing in light language. I have been speaking light language for a decade, but never did it come out in a singing voice before!

I have known about my life on Atlantis and that I was one of the high priestesses who was singing to hold the frequency of love and light as our civilization was drowning. This is how I know this story, I remember it.


While playing with these stunning Atlantean and Lemurian stones to make a mala, the same codes came through me again, in an upgraded version for the world of today, and were programmed into the malas.


Part of our job of creating a new earth is to bring back the Atlantean and Lemurian codes to this realm but upgraded in a way that has embodied the mistakes which led to their destruction. We're basically doing the same thing again, but this time, we will not repeat the errors of the past from which we have learned.
We used the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade A, AA, and AAA semi-precious gemstones and 925 sterling silver elements in our Handmade Malas. 108 beads (8mm) are beaded on elastic stretch cord to be worn as a Mala, double folded necklace, or as a gorgeously stacked bracelet.
Every piece is handmade and unique and charged with Atlantean and Lemurian light-codes.

This Mala features a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi: "What you seek is seeking you".

The Mala comes in an elegant gift box

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Atlantean Mala

Atlantean Mala