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Most of us have been told our whole lives not to make decisions informed by emotion. In the 3D, rationale rules supreme.


However, emotions by themselves are not inherently wrong. Even negative emotions like fear, shame, guilt, or anger deserve space in our lives.

The real danger is in repressing our emotions.


These prayer beads are designed for those of you who need to connect or reconnect with the element of Water and embrace dualities, especially the Yin and Yang duality and the mind and heart duality.


It also embodies another duality. It was designed with the Tarot card The High Priestess in mind. She is a woman in total control of self because she honors the Divine in her. Some significant symbolism presented in the Rider-Waite Smith depiction of this Major Arcana include peacock feathers and pomegranates. Peacock feathers are a powerful symbol of the denial of the Priestess to be submissive. She is an embodiment of the Feminine and also a proud bearer of spiritual wisdom. She is not afraid to display that in full color, no matter what others around her may think.


The pomegranate, present in the symbolism of this card, is also a powerful symbol and it is present in one of the crystals of the Priestess Mala. Very prominent in the myth of Persephone, the Goddess of spring, they represent both death (in this case, ego death and the death of an old self that is keeping you away from spiritual evolution) and fertility. Fertility here can be understood either literally and, more importantly, the capacity to manifest in the tangible world whatever the Divine has to communicate with you.


The High Priestess has an astrological correspondence with the Moon, the planet of intuition and cyclical processes, as well as one of the two aspects of the Inner Feminine. The Zodiac sign ruled by the Moon is Cancer. This Mala encourages you to embrace your inner crab, as it is the Zodiac sign that embodies spirituality in the most grounded way. It does not matter if Cancer does not feature you prominently in your birth chart. We all have this Zodiac sign somewhere within us, and we can tap into its energy whenever we need it.

The card in the Tarot that represents this Zodiac sign is The Chariot, which represents directed action in exactly the correct speed and with precisely the correct use of fortitude and vital energy.


The prolonged use of this mala facilitates the equivalent of the figure in the card The High Priestess getting into The Chariot. You will slowly and gently become a spiritual light warrior that declares "war" through love, acceptance, and compassion.


Is this you, though?

  • Do you have trouble giving a name to your emotions?
  • Do you go through periods of numbness until suddenly you implode?
  • Do you feel your anger, sadness, or grief but do not have any possible reprieve or solution?
  • Do you repress and rationalize your emotions?
  • Do you give so much of yourself that you end up depleted and exhausted and do not have any energy left to look after yourself at the end of the day?
  • Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries or are overly combative when you are able to assert yourself?
  • Do you overthink everything to the point of exhaustion?
  • Do you expect your energy levels to be the same every day and get upset when they fluctuate?
  • Do you act before thinking?
  • Do you feel detached from your life, as if you were watching a movie of it rather than living it?
  • Do you experience massive mood swings?

If so, keep reading. This mala was designed for you. It contains within it the duality of the Lunar and Masculine polarity.


It is Lunar because of the sterling elements and because of the presence of Amethyst. The Clear Quartz beads also represent the Full Moon, shedding light on what needs to come to the surface.


It is also Masculine because two of the three gems that make up this mala, Amethyst and Hematite, contain traces of iron. Bright red in color, this chemical element is linked to strength, vitality, and the warrior spirit.


The true High Priestess is a spiritual warrior, especially in the patriarchal 3D world that encourages women to be submissive. The 3D world pushes women and people socialized as women, as well as people from marginalized communities, to give up their agency when it comes to spirituality and practice blind obedience with organized religion.

Stepping into your inner High Priestess will require some fight, at least at the beginning. But it is not the kind of fight associated with the Yang polarity. This is a Yin fight, in which you defy authorities with compassion and grace.


Amethyst is the bearer of the violet ray. As such, it encourages transformation and transmutation on all levels. Amethyst will not simply dissolve the obstacles on your path to spirituality and wholeness. It rather encourages you to see them as opportunities for growth and evolution. Thus, challenges become your biggest allies. Only your biggest ally can give you the lessons you need for a massive spiritual upgrade. The obstacles that manifest on your path are only outer expressions of your inner world, so thank them – and then face them head on.


Amethyst will also encourage you to reconnect with your Third Eye. It has never been closed, but it might have been overlooked. It is the doorway through which you access your own spiritual navigation system, located at the Highest Heart. Amethyst provides clarity and a fluid communication with your Higher Self.


Even though I do not recommend its use right before bedtime, as Amethyst is a member of the Quartz family and therefore a great energizer, it instills peace, clarity, and has anti-stress properties. Furthermore, it cures headaches and even migraines and promotes a healthy sleep cycle.


When combined with Clear Quartz, it will transmute any negative energy this crystal holds onto into a higher vibrational energy. Clear Quartz acts a lot like an external memory for what it has come in contact with, and Amethyst will keep whatever that is high-vibrational. Combining these two with Hematite helps you bring what you see with your Third Eye and what is stored in Clear Quartz into the tangible, 3D world.  


Clear Quartz is a powerful energy amplifier that gives you plenty of mental stamina. It also acts as the memory stick of the mineral world. As the Mala interacts with you and the beads get to know who you are, every single one of the Clear Quartz beads will store a particular memory, either from this life or a past one, and reveal it to you when you are ready to remember.


It will also keep track of your strengths and your entire journey. Clear Quartz also elevates the frequency of the entire Mala by attracting high-vibrational energy. It eases your connection with the spiritual realms and helps you channel guidance, which the Amethyst beads can later help make sense of logically. It is the spiritual glue of this Mala, directing the energy of all the crystals and symbolism so it continues flowing harmonically.


Hematite is an iron ore with a silver exterior and an orangey red interior. It is this red interior that symbolizes the Pomegranate. These beads facilitate a slow death of the old safe so manifestation can take place.


It gently but surely removes any resistance to change that may exist within the wearer. It also stabilizes and grounds both the physical and emotional body.

Both Amethyst and Clear Quartz act on the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, so a stone with a more grounding effect is needed so the wearer is able to translate the sacred information they channel through the use of this mala into tangible action. Hematite does precisely this: it pushes you into action informed by your greatest strength.


It can also act as a mirror and gently lead you to do some specific shadow work if your soul needs it at the point of the spiritual path you are at. It is especially concerned with the dichotomies of power. Because of its combination with the other two crystals and the symbols in sterling symbols, you may use this mala to meditate on certain ancestral programming. The Hematite beads will guide you to see the power imbalances and abuses of authority in your lineage, and how they are repeated in your lifetime.


Most importantly, Hematite can guide you to reframe the way you see your weaknesses. Some of your weaknesses can hold within great strengths. For example, you can transform from being judgmental to being discerning. You can transform selfishness into assertiveness, and so on.


Sterling silver keeps the beads together. This metal has a Lunar polarity, which means it encourages receptiveness to the Divine and enhances your intuition. There are also some sterling silver charms that hold powerful symbolism. These include the New Moon, the Dragonfly, the symbol of infinity, the Celtic knot, and the Flower of Life.


  • The New Moon is a powerful symbol for new beginnings. The whole Mala invites you to turn over a new leaf spiritually. Regardless of the moon phase, this charm will allow you to tap into the energy of a New Moon full of possibilities and the chance to see clarity in all its strength shining in the darkness.
  • The Dragonfly is a constant reminder to remain anchored in the present world. There is nothing but the present, so live it to the fullest. It also encourages grace and adaptability to change. Even if it does so gently, this Mala encourages a lot of change and upheaval, and you must be ready to traverse it with grace and even gratitude. The spirit of the Dragonfly is here to help you through this charm.
  • The symbol of infinity and the Celtic Knot both form loops that have no beginning or end. In this specific case, it reminds you that time is not linear in the spirit world. It is rather like a circle. It encourages you to embrace the cyclical aspect of healing and spiritual evolution. It is also a reminder of the timeless nature of Divine Love. Over time, these two symbols will instill Divine Love into your aura in small doses. Expect a beautiful epiphany after a few moon cycles of interacting with this Mala!
  • Finally, the Flower of Life is a symbol from sacred geometry. It is a hexagonal structure formed by concentric circles. In Sacred Geometry, it is thought to form the template over which the whole Universe was created. When worn, it returns everything it comes into contact with (including human auras) into a state of perfect harmony.


In short, the Priestess Mala will encourage you to gently attain a spiritual awakening. The Amethyst beads act as a doorway towards the heart, the seat of intuition. They encourage you to see the obstacles in the way to your spiritual fulfillment as allies and opportunities, rather than problems to be resented. The Solar Clear Quartz beads have a unifying purpose alongside the Lunar Sterling silver. They also have the mission of getting to know you and storing your memories one by one, until they are ready to come to the surface. The Hematite beads encourage you to embrace all your strength, even the strength that lurks within your shadow self, and translate all the guidance you receive into action. Finally, the sterling silver details have an overall softening and uplifting effect, encouraging you to accept change wholeheartedly.




We used only the finest and most genuine quality of semi-precious grade AAA gemstones in combination with 925 sterling silver elements in our Priestess Mala. Our Malas consist of 108 beads (8mm) that are strung on elastic stretch cords to be worn as Mala, double folded necklaces and even as a gorgeously stacked bracelet.

The Priestess Mala features a stunning and unique combination of Clear Quartz, Hematite, Amethyst, and fine sterling silver elements, finished with a silver coin exclusively designed for our Mala collection. The sterling silver coin has a diameter of 2.5cm/1" and is hand-engraved with a powerful quote by Rumi "What you seek is seeking you".

The gemstone combinations and names were "given" to Aurora by the high council of Lyran elders to support those who are on the ascension journey to 5D.


The jewelry comes inside an elegant gift box.


Hand-made with love in Germany




Because of the presence of Clear Quartz and Amethyst in this mala, it is not recommended for use for cancer patients or pregnant people. This is so because these crystals amplify and move energy. This may be counterproductive for people in these states.

This Mala is not meant to replace professional medical and mental health professionals, but it is a powerful supportive tool in your healing process.


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Priestess Mala

Priestess Mala