Star Ruby 14.65 Ct

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Gemstone Specification:

Name: Natural 6-Ray STAR RUBY
Stone Weight: 14.65 Carats
Stone Shape: Oval
Stone Clarity: Translucent
Stone Color: Pink
Stone Cut: Very good
Stone Treatment: Natural/No Enhancement (Untreated/Unheated)
Pendant Size: 12 X 15 MM
Set in solid 18K gold

Ruby, “King of the Gemstones.” The most beautiful and rarest of rubies is the star ruby which is scarcer than star sapphires. Revered for its protection from misfortune and bad health for thousands of years, star ruby has been known as the lucky stone of love. By stimulating the physical and spiritual bodies it helps to achieve deeper self-realization and can shift those who wear it into realms of higher consciousness and allow for claircognizance and premonition.

This is very much a heart-centered stone, and it epitomizes the divine love of the Creator. A star ruby promotes healing the soul and heart from trauma and blockage and opens the pathways to give as well as receive true love and loyalty. The gem has the ability to help attract and recognize a soul mate and keep the tricksters away. The ruby may assist you to overcome sexual dysfunction and bring more vitality, sensuality, and sexual energy into your life. 

The ruby ​​helps to close wounds related to love and the heart and to remove anger. It encourages you to try again, to be positive. It guides you to overcome the fear of not deserving the love of others.

Wearing a star ruby around the heart chakra area is powerful protection from entities, envy, jealously, material loss, or any kind of negativity. It is a stone of manifestation, and will also support the retention of wealth, of all sorts.

The three lines that cross in the six-rayed star represent the three angels, Faith, Hope, and Destiny, who protect and remind us of Divine knowledge and light that we have within. A star sapphire or star ruby will show a second star if manipulation, betrayal, or abuse of any kind may occur as a warning. The amazing six-ray star (asterism) shines with an otherworldly quality which is most breathtaking when viewing under sunlight or a flashlight.

Star ruby is a powerful energy recharger that promotes a more positive mindset and encourages emotional, mental, and physical strength. It has magical effects on blood and blood-related issues.

It is the second hardest material next to diamond that belongs to the category of the most precious gemstones that are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. In medieval times only royals were allowed to possess the ruby because of the powers it heralds for its owner.

Handmade with love in Germany

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Star Ruby 14.65 Ct

Star Ruby 14.65 Ct